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GTC Group of Companies

GTC Group of Companies comprises multiple independent units of companies registered nationally or internationally. The first company established in 2007 as a single unit privately owned company registered with the title "Global Trading Corporation Private limited."

The major objective was to become a reputable renowned business company with its product production factory, which allows us to become the best manufacturer and trader worldwide. Within a short period, it expanded itself to six renowned small yet competent business entities. Our outreach makes us an international brand, and the company aims to become a huge manufacturer and exporter of quality products in new and existing markets worldwide.

Over more than a decade, the company has managed to accumulate a healthy market trust and has transformed the conventional import & export mechanism. The company has gained this trust through its principle of ‘Delivering Quality Products up to Customers’ satisfaction’.

The objectives of the business entities involved are meticulously evaluated to carry out flawless transactions. GTC’s knowledge of cultures worldwide, their markets, business practices and wide connections provides its customers with the most rewarding trading deals.

With discipline and ethics, GTC Group of Companies possesses a thorough understanding of global trade and market. To ensure success, GTC has global networks with offices in Pakistan, Philippines, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Japan and Finland. Our manufacturing factory supplies our wide variety of Himalayan Salt Lamp products and Edible Salt worldwide.

GTC Group’s activities are expanding day by day, far beyond its traditional trading operations because of its diverse business plan. GTC has earned the confidence and respect of its customers by achieving exceptional service standards. The company holds a multinational and multicultural workforce that enables it to maintain the required competencies.


The company's mission is straightforward: to provide quality services, be customer-centric, and strive towards improving our products and services.

We strongly intend to achieve our goals by:


The GTC Group of Companies team is professional, holds the essential expertise and clear understanding of clients' requirements in the respective areas. The company's vision is


GTC upholds some crucial values that are integral to the way company works. These values are a part of employees' soul and spirit and the overall organization helping to work harmoniously. They involve customer satisfaction, continuous growth and improvement, teamwork, passion for excellence and respect for each other.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to business success. We are assured that knowing our customers and their needs would help us by providing them with the best products and services. We also believe that providing excellent customer service makes them feel valued and assures them that we stand behind our products.

Teamwork & Engagement

We work together as a team where key issues are resolved through consultation and discussion. We encourage the sharing of ideas and recommendations.

Innovation & Growth

We focus on bringing smart and innovative ideas for the expansion of the business. To win customers' trust and deliver quality products, we keep thinking out of the box to make a difference in the competitive market

Passion for Excellence

GTC makes sure that its customers get the best available products and services in the market. Providing quality products and services and striving for excellence creates mutual trust between the company and its valued customers.


Our core values and beliefs are focused on the respect we have for our customers. Being polite to them, respecting their time and regarding them are our foremost concerns.