How to Engage Work-From-Home Employees: 10 Effective Methods

During onboarding and the probation period, we train new hires to stick to our 90% asynchronous/10% synchronous communication policy. Some may have a hard time getting used to this in the beginning, but eventually, this leads to everyone being more productive. “You shouldn’t have to be looking over your team’s shoulders while they’re in the office, so you shouldn’t have to how to work from home successfully do it when they’re remote, either,” Pellman said. To maintain communication, schedule regular meetings with your direct reports, whether it’s daily, weekly, or every other day. By holding these check-ins, team members will be able to address things that are hard to convey over email or chat. You’ll also be able to get more detailed updates on how your teammates are doing.

how to successfully hire a person to work from home

While communication and bonding are tougher in remote work settings, there’s a silver lining. When your business is remote, there’s less likelihood of turbulent office drama. There aren’t water cooler chats or spur-of-the-moment lunch gatherings. It can be tricky to comprehend communication over mediums like Zoom and Slack.

Find people who actually want to work remotely

But more often, the need for professional assistance at home isn’t so obvious. It develops gradually, as certain abilities — such as cooking, cleaning, or driving — become more difficult. That feeling can be even harsher if the coronavirus has kept you from being able to produce as many customer meetings, product updates, or other work products as you normally would.

  • I find that I am much more productive when I am in control of my schedule and can create ways to do my work more efficiently.
  • They also have a number of unique accessories that complement the desk.
  • Of course, if you’ve already been working remotely during the pandemic, experts say to make sure you explain how you’ve succeeded in the transition.
  • There aren’t water cooler chats or spur-of-the-moment lunch gatherings.
  • A trial period helps you assess the candidate’s skills and qualities.
  • The biggest problem for 22% of remote workers is unplugging after work, according to the 2019 State of Remote Survey.
  • Preparing food ahead of time ensures you can use your meal times to eat and that you aren’t performing non-work tasks that spend energy better used at your desk.

So unless you don’t mind purchasing new Airpods every 3-6 months I’d shelve that idea and use them sparingly. While I do have Airpods, I don’t want to rely on them all day, everyday. While their flagship chair, Fern, hits the mark on all of those elements, Teresa explained that different chairs fit people differently.

Exercise at least five days a week, something vigorous.

When you use the work from home tips we’ve provided above, and your boss sees how productive you are, they could allow you more days to work from home. Without the rhythm of an office around you, it’s easy to get in a groove and forget to take a lunch break or stretch your legs with a quick walk. If necessary, set an alarm to remind you to take occasional breaks. You’ll find this helps you focus and keeps you refreshed so you can be the most effective and efficient worker possible.

If your process is cumbersome, confusing, or otherwise difficult to navigate, you’re going to have a hard time getting people to apply. And if you don’t have a strong pool of applicants, you’re not going to be able to find the best person for the job. Every manager who hires remotely has their own methods and tips to ensure they select good workers. I wanted to find out what worked and what didn’t, so asked my list of Buildremote contributors what advice they’d offer to businesses hiring remotely. Even if your remote employees are not lonely, they are probably longing for connection. According to a study by Slack, 85% of workers want to feel closer to their remote colleagues.

Ask targeted questions

A built-in charging station with wireless charging stand will help keep your devices on 100 percent, and changing positions from sitting to standing and back again is a breeze. If you hate the clutter of unsightly cords, it has a core management system with rear USB ports for your keyboard and mouse to help free up your workspace. Hopefully, these work from home interview questions and tips will have helped you feel more prepared. You should take this opportunity to learn more about the company culture.

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