Message from the Chairman GTC Group of Companies on the Occasion of "Defence Day" 6th September 2021

The 6th of September, the day dedicated to the defense of Pakistan, is significant for Pakistani history because it demonstrates enduring solidarity, unfailing courage, and incredible sacrifice shown by our brave soldiers. On this day, years ago, they provided the world with proof that the country’s defense is unbreakable and the courageous armed forces are always ready to fight for every bit of land they are defending. The heroism of our Armed Forces and the spirit of our people came together to display a cohesive unity and excellent teamwork throughout the 1965 conflict. Both the people and the soldiers show that it’s not the size that matters, but what matters the most is a willingness to defend one’s country and an intense dedication to duty. I must congratulate the courageous forces who kept the homeland safe and secure through all hard times. They have set an excellent example by offering stellar sacrifices in the service of peace. We owe thanks and respect to the shuhada and the ghazis for all they have done for our nation. I pay my respects to the martyrs who died for our country and also salute their families, who made such enormous sacrifices for our future.

Pakistan Zindabad

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