Executive Team

Nadeem Muhammad Noor, Founder, and Chairman

Nadeem Muhammad Noor is a founder and chairman of GTC Groups of Companies. GTC Group of Companies has designed to be the first and the best business enterprise in Pakistan. Its principal philosophy is to benefit the GTC Group of companies’ business and benefit the country and society it operates in. It strongly believes that private and public interests are the two sides of a coin.

Jawad Riasat, CEO

Jawad Riasat is a CEO at GTC Groups of Companies. He is young and energetic and has strong leadership qualities to lead the company. Jawad Riasat is an exceptional leader with strong experience in founding and growing disruptive companies. He has excellent skills when it comes to building and inspiring teams.

Muhammad Younis Azeem, Director

Muhammad Younis Azeem is also the director of GTC Group of Companies. Since the start of the company, he is playing a very significant role. He has a strong ability to lead the team, and his excellent leadership qualities have proved an asset.

Rashid Nawaz Dar, Director

Rashid Nawaz Dar is the director of GTC Group of Companies. His qualities to lead enable him to have a major impact on company development. He is responsible for the development of the company’s image and strategy. In the firm, his outstanding skills allow him to function as a leader.

Fazal Hayat, Director

Fazal Hayat is the director at GTC groups of companies. He has a major contribution to company development because of his excellent qualities to lead. He has a significant contribution to the growth of the company. His excellent skills to lead have placed him among the top team members of the company.

Country Heads

Imran Altaf, Country Head Canada

Imran Altaf is the country head of Canada at GTC Group of Companies. He is dealing with company operations in Canada. He has a broad vision, and his excellent skills to deal with people have played a crucial role in developing the company in Canada.

Marissa A Ronquillo, Country Head Philippines

Marissa A Ronquillo is Country Head Philippines at GTC Group of Companies. She is solely responsible for all the matter in the Philippines. She is dealing with all the shipments, orders in the Philippines and great leadership skills.

Nadia Afzal khan, Country Head Turkey

Nadia Afzal Khan is country head turkey at GTC Group of Companies. She is looking at companies’ matters in Turkey and dealing with the entire customer. She has strong communication skills and possesses great qualities to lead the team.

Operation Team

Lienth Ronquillo

Lienth Ronquillo, General Manager

Lienth Ronquillo is General Manager of GTC Group of Companies. She is making sure of the ongoing viability of current contracts by reviewing supplier and vendor contracts. Long-term relationships with vendors and suppliers are essential to any company’s long-term success. Moreover, she is Assigning purchase orders and planning and then verifying the delivery of goods and services that have been completed.

Abdul Manan, Accounts

Abdul Manan is dealing with accounts. He has a broad range of business experience, including corporate finance, modelling and pricing, and strategy. He has a great role in keeping the record of accounts at GTC Group of Companies.

Awais Ameen, Factory In-charge & Production Head

Awais Ameen is the Factory in-charge. He is dealing with all the matters related to the manufacturing of Salt at the factory. He is also responsible for solving the problems of all the employees in the factory. He possesses great qualities to lead the team in the factory. is working as production head at GTC Group of Companies. He is responsible for the production process and coordinating all the activities related to production and operations. He is also monitoring the production process and adjusts the schedule as needed.

IT Team

Rana Jazib Shafique, IT Department Head

Rana Jazib Shafique is serving as IT department head at GTC Group of Companies. He has an inherent talent for thinking outside the box. He is adept at discovering and embracing emerging trends and technologies to improve the way we work and be more productive.

Malik Arslan, IT Assistant

Malik Arslan is working as an IT assistant at GTC Group of Companies. He is vigilant, and his ideas are beneficial for the company.

Zahab Mumtaz, Graphic Designer

Zahab Mumtaz is working as a Graphic Designer at GTC Group of Companies. He is very creative and believes that project management software can be beautiful, time-saving, and fun for him. He is also giving his services as a social media manager and creating and maintaining the company’s promotion and marketing campaigns across several different social media networks.