Ramadan Food Package Distribution

Amidst the challenges presented by Covid-19, GTC Group of companies has maintained a positive impact by distributing Ramadan Food Packages in Samundari, Faisalabad.

The Prophet (PBUH) highlighted the importance of sharing food when he said: “He who breaks another’s fast earned the same reward as the one who fasted, without diminishing the latter’s reward in the slightest” (Tirmidhi).

“GTC Group of companies’ major projects is the Ramadan package distribution,” said Chairman Nadeem Muhammad Noor.

GTC Group of Companies comprises multiple independent units of companies registered nationally or internationally. The major objective was to become a reputable renowned business company with its product production factory, which allows them to become the best manufacturer and trader worldwide. GTC group of companies is serving their clients by manufacturing various salts and salt lumps that include Himalayan pink salt, red salt, crystal salt, etc.

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