Manufacturer of Salt Lamps Edible Salt  production

We achieve our ultimate goal by serving the clients from manufacturing till their doorsteps by assuring best quality, excellent production, timely delivery and standard packing. We are not only exporter rather having huge Himalayan Salt Lamps and Edible Salt production factory in Pakistan. We care for everything started from extracting raw material from the mines, cleansing, cutting, drilling, fixing, testing, Quality assurance, packing or whatever other process is implemented has passed through standard operating procedures to meet purchaser needs.

Our factory is opened for customer visits 24/7. Our production capacity is huge, our plant produces 10 containers per day of Edible Himalayan Salt of all kind and produces standard quality 5000 Himalayan salt lamp pieces per day. The factory can also outsource more standard production under his own supervision and responsibility in case of specific demand.